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Business Recognition Through Blogging

One of the first questions that potential clients often ask a business is where they can be found on the Internet. In the modern digital age, this is the preferred method by which most of the information about a business is gleaned. In turn, potential customers tend to shy away from businesses that do not have a strong web presence, as that can be seen as a sign they are not well established. Consequently, if the business does have a web presence, you can rest assured the potential customer will do their research and find out all they can.

Taking the Wrong Turn

One of the biggest mistakes a business can make when developing their web presence is to sound too disconnected from their customer base. Formulaic web content without a personal touch is easy to spot, and your customer will recognize it immediately. In turn, potential customers are sure to look elsewhere for a business that can take their needs into account throughout the transaction.

Many times potential customers report that they feel like they can’t trust a business that has general information that does not speak to them. They also tend to cite examples where they made purchases from these types of businesses and found there was no one that ever cared about helping them.

Engaging Content

One of the best ways to avoid this pitfall is to create custom content that is geared toward your target demographic and customer base. A well-written and engaging set of articles can be the difference from being seen as another run of the mill business or something special. Consequently, it is a great idea to have fresh and original content created in order to help brand yourself and engage your reader. This will definitely keep them coming back for more. Most businesses report that when they start offering something of value to their customer, beyond their product or service, they see a sharp rise in sales.

For instance, image you are selling a vacuum cleaner on the Internet and only have a website that lists all your vacuum cleaners and their prices. You might have even tossed in a section about how you are a family business or included a special five percent off coupon. This might generate some sales, but think how much better you could do with creative web content. Imagine creating an entire series of articles on quick cleaning tips, or ways to get your kids to clean up after themselves. Then at the bottom of this content you can create a link to your website where you can connect with a sale.

Starting a Blog

The best format that businesses have found to post this compelling and engaging content is on a blog. Your normal website will have all the foundational information about your business, including your products or services. However, your blog will be the place to let your potential customers hear the personal side of your business. You should be sure to speak directly to them and offer tips and information they will find useful, regardless of whether they buy your product or not.

This will create a relationship between you and the reader and will strengthen the bonds between you so that you will be the first one they come to when considering a purchase. Additionally, you will likely have your engaging blog posts shared on social media. People who get value out of quality content tend to share it, and you can use this to your advantage to get free marketing. 

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