4 Common Online Marketing Mistakes That Kill Conversion Rates

Online marketing is a little bit like dieting, in the sense that most of the main principles and ideas are fairly well-known and understood, but that doesn’t stop people from making common mistakes or trying to take shortcuts. And, more often than not, these mistakes and shortcuts don’t just make Internet marketing less efficient, but also end up costing businesses more in the long term.

To help you avoid the biggest blunders, here are four common online marketing mistakes that kill conversion rates and eat away at your bottom line:

1. Unfocused web design. There are a lot of different errors that fall under this category, but two of the most important are websites that make it hard for customers to find what they’re looking for, and those that are just “busy” or outdated to the point of being distracting. Obviously, both symptoms are going to be bad for sales.

2. Search-driven copy. If everything on your website seems like it’s written for Google, and not actual customers, we have some bad news for you: Google might have lots of money, but they rarely give search engine spiders the authorization to spend it. In other words, take advantage of keywords, but also make a point of putting real-life buyers first in your marketing messages.

3. Too many ads. It’s important to monetize traffic if you’re going to remain profitable, but there is a difference between having ads and bombarding users with ads, banners, and other “buy now” links. Each page in your site should have one clear conversion goal, so move towards that and keep things clean and simple.

4. Negative reviews. Now more than ever, customers are entering your company name, or your products, into Google before they decide to buy or register for more information. That means what they find – especially in the form of customer feedback and reviews – has a huge effect on your conversion rates.


Is your company missing the obvious and hurting conversion rates in the process? If so, now is the perfect time to talk to a member of our team and see how we can help put you back on the right track.

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