5 Pay Per Click Management Mistake Every Online Entrepreneur Should Know by Deborah Dee

Selling goods online has never been easier today. Put your campaign on a good PPC platform, and you’ll get customers in no time. However, your campaign might cause you to lose money quickly if you don’t manage it properly. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs make dangerous mistakes that turn their PPC campaign into constant “money eater”. Here are 5 pay per click management mistake every online entrepreneur should know:

Mistake #1 –Ignoring Long Tail Keywords Because Of Low Search Volume

If you are targeting only big keywords and ignoring long tail keywords altogether, then you might leave big money on the table. Most long tail keywords are actually buying keywords. Their low search volume indicates that only handful of people are searching very specific information about their problem. They are laser targeted, and if you ignore them, it means that you are ignoring big money maker potentials.

Mistake #2 –Shooting For the Number One Position

Most PPC advertisers think that number one position will bring them more clients to their website. This is partially true. Yes, it will give you a chance to get more customers coming to your website, but it will also make you lose money very quickly. The cost per click in #1 position will be very high. It means that if you are not selling high ticket product, you might not be able to get reasonable profit from your campaign. It is always good to aim for the middle position, such as #3 or #4. You’ll pay cheaper price per click, and you still get good number of customers coming to your website.

Mistake #3 –Relying Only On One Landing Page

If you want to do PPC successfully, you have to prepare multiple ad copies in your campaign. But, most advertisers neglect the importance of landing page. Your landing page has to be relevant with the ad copy that you put in your campaign. In other words, you have to prepare multiple landing pages as well. At least, you have to prepare different landing page with different headline for each ad that you place in your campaign.

Mistake #4 –Not Controlling What Your Affiliates Do

Don’t let your affiliates to become your number one competitor in PPC advertising. If you have an affiliate program, there will be a big number of affiliates that will promote your product using PPC advertising. And if you don’t control them, they can beat you in this platform. For instance, if you don’t prevent your affiliates from placing an ad with your company or product name in it, you will lose potential sales because many sales will go to your affiliates .Remember that people looking for your product name or company name are ready to buy your product.

Mistake #5 –Writing Ineffective Ad Copy

The purpose of your ad is to entice your potential customers so that they are interested to visit your landing page. And remember, each customer that you bring from your PPC ads is a paid customer, so you don’t want to waste your money by writing ineffective ad copy. Your ad headline must contain words that grab people’s attention, and grow their interest toward your product. Then, the ad copy should be able to make people to decide to visit your landing page. Lastly, your landing page should be able to entice people to take action.

Those pay per click management mistakes are common in most companies. Those mistakes are dangerous mistakes that can potentially thwart your investment in PPC quickly without much return. So, it is wise for you to avoid those mistakes and proceed in managing your PPC campaign with more caution.

About Author

Deborah Dee blogs and writes about SEO and online reputation related topics. She works as a freelance writer in one of the leading SEO companies in Irvine.

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