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Can Press Releases Help Boost SEO And How? by savingprivateheron

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not just used in web content. This strategy can also be implemented in writing press releases. Contrary to popular beliefs, press releases are not something that only the big companies can benefit from. But with online directories becoming more and more popular, even the smaller brands stand to gain from this marketing utility. The success of press releases can be attributed to the fact that they seamlessly combine marketing and information. Written in the form of news, press releases mainly target the decision making persons of companies.


Combining Press Releases And SEO

It is a common knowledge that press releases written in optimized form result in a win-win situation for a certain business. There are some tips and tricks that, if employed, will further increase the effect of the press release.

Include statistics and research data. Just think of a piece of news from the front page of this morning’s paper. This is what the press release should look like in the end. The addition of facts and figures also makes the article more convincing and easier to believe.

Time your stories with other popular events. There is a greater chance of a high readership when the press release is related to something that is already in people’s minds. Picking arbitrary topics that are related to your business does not make quite an impact. Remember to make sure that your target audience should be able to relate to the story.

The length should be reasonable. People do not like to spend time reading long stories, especially if they are about something they have little interest in. An ideal length of a press release is 700-1000 words. Some marketers are of the opinion that it should be shorter, but realistically speaking, it is quite impossible to squeeze worthwhile content in just 400 words.

Add quotations. The weight of a press release is dramatically increased when quotations are included. The effect is even greater when they are by people in authority of the subject.

There should be a primary keyword phrase for all press releases. This phrase should be the same as that of a page on the website of the company that has been optimized for the primary keyword phrase of the press release.

Remember that a minimum of 200 backlinks is expected of a good online wire service. It is always a good idea to ask the service for an estimate of how many to expect.

These are some tips that would be very helpful in getting some valuable high profile inbound marketing campaigns. These backlinks in fact are the reason of writing press releases. The backlinks increase the popularity of the site by pulling it up in the search engine rankings.

Why SEO Press Releases Are Better Than The Traditional Ones

The traditional press releases have their own media benefits especially if the target audience tends not to be so active in the online world. However, in a time when the number of backlinks is a huge factor in determining the ranking of certain sites on search engines, there is simply no reason not to take advantage of it.

SEO press releases and copywriting are just few of the techniques for SEO. Scott Heron is a SEO consultant with 5 years of experience and extensive knowledge regarding the best suitable techniques for different websites. If you want to know more about SEO and online marketing, you can email Scott.