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3 Terrible Ways to Save Money on a Business Web Design

If you’ve found yourself thinking that a new business website is just what you need to jumpstart your company, but that the price of having one professionally designed is tough to swallow, then you are not alone. In this economy, business owners are being faced with the twin challenges of getting more creative with their marketing – online and off – while still keeping costs down.

It’s no surprise that many are tempted to invest in a new business website, but cut corners in the process. Sometimes there’s just no way around it, but be careful where you try to save. Here are three terrible ways to try to lower the cost of a business web design:

By using a stock template. The problem with template sites isn’t that they can never look good, it’s that they rarely look good once you have installed and uploaded them. It’s easy for a site to look great with stock photos in dummy text, but only one that’s built for your company is going to help your business stand out from the millions of others on the web.

By going with the lowest bidder. While you don’t always get what you pay for, making business web design decisions based solely on price tends to get people in trouble. Why? Because there are only so many ways to reduce the cost of the business website, and cutting the amount of time and features that go in is the easiest one.  This work will most likely be done by an off-shore firm that will be hard to contact and communicate with when you need them most.  Working with a local firm you can meet with is always worth the extra you may pay.

By skipping a copywriter. No matter how great your site looks, the words on your pages have to be persuasive enough to get visitors to take action if you’re going to see any return on investment. Either invest the time you need to get the words right yourself, or the money to hire a professional writer – there’s no sense in saving a few dollars on writing if it’s going to cost you much more later.

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