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Three Less Than Obvious Things To Look For In Business Web Design Samples

More and more, a trip to a business web designer’s office is like visiting an auto showroom. You can talk all you want about what’s important to you, or what you are hoping to find, but few business owners understand what it is they are looking for other than something pretty and shiny. They know what looks good, but that doesn’t give much insight into what a website looks like “under the hood.”

But as important as layouts and web designs are, performance is incredibly important when it comes to earning back the money you’ll spend on a quality business website. With that in mind, here are three things you should look for in any sample you like. They might not be obvious, and they may take a little work for you to check out, but we can promise it’s worth it:

Website loading times. There are a lot of truly beautiful business websites out there that turned out to be terrible business tools. Why? Because in this day and age, no one is going to sit around for 15 or 20 seconds while your site loads. You might think that doesn’t stop them, but if your design team is stuck on old software or ideas, they can really slow your site down.

Ease of navigation. In the same way, there are more choices than ever on the Internet. Hoping that customers will hang around long enough to find what they’re looking for isn’t good enough – they should be able to reach their ultimate destination in three clicks or less. A good business web design team will help you create a site that’s as easy on your customers’ patience as it is their eyes.

Capability across browsers, computers, and smart phones. A modern business website doesn’t just have to load in several different browsers and computer setups, but may have to be accessible via smart phones and other mobile devices, as well. Regardless of whether you are going to offer separate mobile sites, make sure that what you’re getting can be viewed by customers with any kind of Internet access.

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