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4 Reasons to Think Before You Tweet

With e-mail, those of us who are careful – or have made the wrong kinds of mistakes in the past – know how important it is to “think before you hit send.” Guess what? The same applies to anything you’re tempted to put on Twitter. In fact, whereas an e-mail might only go out to a single person, or even a group of contacts, anything you tweet has the potential to be shared with the whole world.

With that in mind, here are four very good reasons to reread each and every tweet one more time before you send it out:

Reading your tweets only takes a moment. Whatever you can say in 144 characters or less you can read in under 10 seconds. That’s reason enough to look for typos, unintended innuendos, etc.

It’s easier than you might think to be misunderstood. The world is full of people who lament the fact that their words were misunderstood. It only takes one mistake for people to change their entire opinion of you and your company, so make sure that you’re looking at your tweets from someone else’s perspective.

You never want to say the wrong thing in a public forum. There are some things that are only said or discussed behind closed doors for good reason. Don’t share information about yourself or your company that doesn’t belong on a website that could be seen by thousands or millions.

There’s one last chance to change your mind. We have all said and written things in a moment of anger or frustration that we wish we could take back. That’s part of life, but it can be a much bigger problem if your unhappy moment has been tweeted for the world to see.

It only takes a few seconds to read what you’re about to post to Twitter, but taking the time can save you a lot of trouble later.

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