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How to Make Small Business SEO More Effective

A surprising number of business owners and web designers place a supreme importance on search engine optimization, but fail to make the most use of the visitors they do receive. In other words, they do a great job of attracting traffic, but a poor job of turning that traffic into sales.

In order to help you avoid the same mistake, here is one great way to make your search engine optimization campaign more effective: Make it easier for visitors to return to your site.

Have you ever found yourself looking for a book that you knew you owned, but just couldn’t seem to find? Well, your potential customers have that same feeling all the time. They vaguely remember finding some product, resource, or information, but are often unable to remember where it was, or how they even came upon it in the first place.

Obviously, you don’t want that to happen, since it’s a waste of all of your hard work… not to mention the time and money you’ve invested in search engine optimization. With that in mind, here are a few quick suggestions to help you bring more visitors back to your site:

Encourage them to bookmark your pages. Why not remind visitors to bookmark your pages? Sure, many of them might ignore the suggestion, but more than a few won’t.

Offer a free newsletter. We all like to get free information, especially if it’s accompanied by discounts, special deals, and other insider information. The more subscribers you have, the more regular visitors to your website you’ll gain.

Mention content updates. If you have the kind of business website that features new articles, information, and insight all the time, then why not tell people about it? If they like what they have seen so far, they may decide to return.

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